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Key Allegro Property Management
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Rockport TX 78382
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The Story of Key Allegro

As far back as 125 years ago, Rockport was described as "one of the most beautiful and restful summer resorts to be imagined."  It still is. But more than that, it's a great place to live - for a weekend, or a lifetime.


One of the newest additions to the beauty of our coastline is Key Allegro Isle - formerly Frandolig Island. At one time this now lush canal community was a mud flat used by fishermen and duck hunters. That all changed in 1961 when the island was purchased by Carl C. Krueger, Jr. who had a vision of what it could be. He started selling lots, he built a water system, beach houses were built and canals cut into the island structure. Today, Key Allegro is one of the most beautiful island communities on the Texas Coast and home to people from all over the U.S. and the world.     

But, when it all started, a wooden bridge brought people to the island, the sales office was on the deck of a fishing boat, and the lots were just so many stakes sticking out of the sand.     

To get people interested, Mr. Krueger even invested in a dolphin show - hoping people would come and see the dolphins perform and possibly buy a soda, donate to the pot for mullet purchasing and maybe, just maybe, see a lot they wanted to buy. Well, people came and watched the dolphins perform, they brought their own cold beverages, bypassed the donation barrel and went home. However, they did tell friends about this neat community, where shrimpers and artists lived. And pretty soon the sparsely populated island became a resort community with a sophisticated and cosmopolitan flair.



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